Red beans and rice


Red beans and rice

Have you ever had standard Red Beans and Rice? It’s a southern staple! I experimented with Popeye’s Red Beans and Rice for the very first time a while back, but these beans are even much better. They are so creamy and flavorful, with the ideal smoky Cajun spice!

I took the little ones off to school for their 1st day this morning! Valentine is at residence with me even now, and 2 seconds following we acquired residence she managed to spill an complete cup of milk all more than the kitchen. I stroll in and begin cleaning it up, and she keeps saying “S**t… s**t… s**t.” I’m dying laughing and striving to figure out exactly where she learned that word (due to the fact no one particular in our home employs it) when I comprehend that she spilled milk on her SHIRT.

No use crying over spilled milk, right? She’s so cute I can’t even be mad at her. Also, a baby cussing (even if unintentional) is so funny that it makes a spilled milk situation a good deal a lot more bearable.

Popeye’s Red Beans and Rice

I ate at Popeye’s for the very first time just a number of months ago, and now I’m completely obsessed with their red beans and rice. I advised my brother Nathan about it and he just rolled his eyes at me. He lived in Richmond, Virginia for a few many years in residency, so he had entry to legit southern meals. Popeye’s might not be a real Southerner’s best decision for where to get red beans and rice, but for this California woman who had never even heard of it? I was in adore. Also, today’s recipe is even better than Popeye’s red beans and rice, thanks to the meaty ham bone we are utilizing. It tends to make the beans so smoky and tasty!

(But really however, shout out to Popeye’s. Yet again, I’m not Southern, but that spot has delicious food. Nathan told me that when in Richmond they had a fried chicken contest with a bunch of nearby dining establishments, and Popeye’s chicken won. BOOM.)

If you aren’t from the south (far more especially, New Orleans), you may well not have heard of this delightful red beans and rice mixture. Rice and beans is nothing new of program, but it’s the specific Cajun twist on the beans that can make it unique. Historically it was manufactured on Mondays, simply because that was laundry day, and you could set the pot of beans on the stove to cook all day even though you were functioning. Red beans and rice was Louis Armstrong’s favourite food, and he used to signal letters “Red Beans and Ricely Yours,” how cute is that?

How to make red beans and rice

I’m right here to let you in on a handful of secrets and techniques about cooking beans from scratch. You do NOT want to soak the dry beans overnight. Significantly. I can’t inform you how several recipes contact for this pointless phase. Now, it is true that you can minimize some of the, ahem, intestinal effects of beans by soaking for a couple of hrs and discarding the water. But it is absolutely not needed and in my view a huge waste of time.

Second tip. DON’T salt the beans until the end, about the final thirty-60 minutes of cooking. Salting the beans can make it harder for them to absorb water, resulting in a slower cooking time. That means you have to wait even longer prior to you can get to red bean bliss. Low and slow is genuinely the only way to cook beans. It’s the best lazy-day-at-property meal.

(Chop up some of people celery leaves to go in the beans. They have so significantly flavor!)

(Aren’t people red beans lovely? If you can’t locate them, kidney beans operate wonderful too!)

Third tip. Save your ham bone each time you make a ham. It offers the beans such an wonderful smoky taste. They will hold for a lengthy time in the freezer. I’m pretty certain the one I used for this recipe was from final Thanksgiving, practically a yr ago. If you don’t take place to have a single, use a ham hock, people work excellent also and you can just buy them in the meat department. Some recipes contact for andouille sausage alternatively of ham. I haven’t experimented with that yet, but it sounds delicious.

Red beans and rice is regarded as a major dish all on it’s own. It actually does fill you up and depart you satisfied! This is real specifically if you use a ham bone that is good and meaty.

But if you are craving a primary dish that is not so beany, fried chicken is your ideal bet. It tastes amazing with these beans. I picked some up at the grocery keep. I in fact don’t have a recipe for fried chicken (have not mastered that strategy but! Anyone have a good recipe?) but these beans would taste great with this Simply Incredible Grilled Chicken Marinade.

You could also check out out my post for How to Make Ultra Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits, since what’s far better than buttery biscuits and beans?? It would also pair amazingly nicely with My Favored Coleslaw. Place this all with each other and you will have an amazing Southern feast!

UPDATE! A reader named Patrick commented beneath and talked about that Red Beans and Rice is served with French bread in New Orleans, not biscuits. So here’s my preferred recipe for 1 Hour French Bread! Thanks Patrick!

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