Snow cone syrup


Snow cone syrup

Take pleasure in tasty snow cones at residence with this swift and effortless homemade syrup.

One of my favorite recollections as a kid was going to the Sno-Shack to get snow cones when we went to the grocery shop. We lived about 45 minutes from the nearest retailer so we only went a couple of instances a month which meant we typically received snow cones each trip throughout the summer season. I keep in mind currently being astonished at all the flavor options…and even however I always got the very same taste (blue raspberry) I nonetheless invested a excellent amount of time determining which flavor I wished.

Now that my boys are older they are enjoying the deliciousness of snow cones as effectively. But because our closest shop is significantly less than 5 minutes away we go a lot more than a handful of occasions a month and their snow cone habit was receiving to be pricey. So when I was preparing our Frozen Celebration in July I knew snow cones would be a need to not only are they delicious but what says Frozen far more than an icy snow cone?! When I was buying for supplies I found snow cone syrup but it was so stinking expensive! So what’s a woman to do? Make her personal of program!

I had all the elements on hand since we use Kool A >Slushes so all I had to acquire were the holders. I discovered these condiment bottles at Walmart for significantly less than $one and they worked ideal! I was going to buy a snow cone maker but found that my Blendtec crushed the ice just as effectively. So all in all I spent $4 to make snow cones…way much better than $2 every single! AND there was some leftover syrup so we were able to make much more the up coming day as well.

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